Guidelines for presenters of papers at VLDB 2005

Presentation Length

This year, all paper presentations have the same length, namely 25 minutes. This leaves 5 minutes for questions and transitioning to the next presentation. Please adhere to the 25-minute limit. Session chairs have been instructed to cut off any speakers who reach the 25 minute limit.

Presentation Setup

Each room will be equipped with a data projector and a conference PC with the most recent Acrobat Reader and Powerpoint software, and the ability to accept data from a USB storage device. In each room, there will also be a person who is able to offer technical assistance. If you have needs not met by this setup, you must contact us by August 16th, at

Submission of Slides

We would like to receive the slides you will present at the conference in electronic form, either as a PDF or as a Powerpoint document, by


This will allow us to check that the slides can be presented correctly using the facilities we have available, and it will allow us to make the slides available to the conference participants. Please submit your slides to

Although we encourage you strongly to submit your slides by August 26, we will also accept slides received after August 26.

Your Presentation Session

You should register with your session chair at least 15 minutes before the start of your session.

Accommodation of Exceptions

We recognize that in exceptional cases, it is not possible to finalize the slides ahead of time. For such cases, we allow you to bring your slides to your session. It is then imperative that you go to your session at the start of the break leading up to the session. You must bring your slides on a USB storage device, so that your slides can be placed onto the conference PC. We prefer to use the conference PCs for the presentations, but we realize the some authors prefer to use their own laptop for their presentation. We allow this, but we also want the slides on the conference PC in case something does not work.